Kasra Zahedi was born on may 26, 1990 in Tehran, Iran. He is a singer, songwriter and musician. As a kid he started learning and playing piano when he was 10 years old. At the age of 17 he composed some works for other artists such as Yasser Binam. Kasra has also written some lyrics for his own tracks.

As a singer, Kasra has been releasing songs since 2016. Some of his songs such as “Asheghe Baroon” (Rain Lover), “Chejoori Yadet Raft?” (How could You Forget?), “Joone Mani” (You’re my Life), “Azam Doori” (You’re Far Away from Me) and “Mahi” (Fish) are among his most known works.

He has recently collaborated with Reza Bahram to compose “Shabhaye Ba’d Az To” and write “Moo Be Moo”. The latter was nominated for the Hafez Music Festival for Song of the Year.